Our Services

Excel Rail Management offers the following rail operational services providing supervision, personnel, insurance, and administration:

Unit Train Operations : DP linking and unlinking of locomotives providing personnel 24 hours per day to perform rail operation services in a safe and efficient manner.

In-plant switching : Moving (spotting) cars within the plant for loading and unloading and turning cars where necessary.
In-bound and Pre-departure inspections :  performing the required FRA/AAR inspections including s/o and replacing bad order cars to maintain car count on unit trains.

Car Cleaning :  removal of dunnage (blocking, bracing, strapping, plastic wrapping or other material used inside the railcar to secure the load)

On-Site Management :  supervising rail crews and communicating with plant managers and reporting progress to ensure work satisfaction.

Real Time Inventory Reporting : computerized inventory and yard reporting from rail crews.

Flagmen Services : providing qualified trainmen performing rail flagging duties as needed.

*** Our dedicated crews consist of qualified trainmen and FRA certified locomotive engineers emphasizing on safe, prompt, and efficient rail service; providing us the ability to tailor our services to fit your specific operational needs.